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Few things are more annoying than a clogged drain. Sometimes the issue is deep in the pipes and can become a serious problem over time. Trust Wiz-Pro Drain and Plumbing for clogged drain repair in Fairless Hills, PA. Before we start our drain cleaning services, we'll use a camera to find any clogs in your system. You can trust us to fix other fixture issues, like leaky faucets, as well.

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3 common causes of clogged drains

3 common causes of clogged drains

Clogged drain repair services are helpful when the clog can't be fixed by easier methods. Some common causes of clogs include:

  1. Mineral buildup
  2. Foreign objects
  3. Grease

We can find the source of the clog and perform drain cleaning services to get rid of it. Call us today at 267-306-7905 to speak with a plumbing professional.